Lovegodesss Club

Lovegodesss Club is our virtual membership hosted on our Lovegodesss App for women seeking to start curated weekly feminine practice, learn, femininity skills, establish feminine movement and spirituality practice, as well as tap into the energy of a Lovegodesss and maintain Lovegoddesss mindset with curated weekly themes and challenges. 

Being a member of a Lovegodesss Club helps women to become self-aware, authentic, and confident through meditation and spirituality practice with new meditations added weekly. 
Lovegodesss Club allows women to follow a (beginner-friendly) feminine movement practice with daily live classes broadcasted via the app (in-person local passes are available for purchase)  
Lovegodesss Club allows women to be guided on curated femininity practice with weekly themes and prompts to follow.   
Lovegodesss Club allows women to learn femininity skills from how to style clothes, do makeup, and skinare routine to having an amazing sex life. 


Dedicated Community App
Curated Weekly Lovegodesss Feminine Practice 

1 Lovegodesss Livestream a month with Katya addressing questions from the audience 

1 Feminine Science Video added to the Femininity Science Portal per week  (Rotating: Self Care, Make up, Seduction, Flirting, Sex, Kink, Styling)

1 Weekly Meditation/ Transmission/ Affirmation 

Access to Dance Classes via online live streaming 

Access to Purchase Local Pass for Classes at Virginia Beach Lovegodesss Studio ( Fee) 

Accesss to Boudoir Events ( Fee) 


Includes All Inclusive Access to Private Social Club

Private Community + In-Person Events 

Access to Everything in Virtual Membership Plus

Access to Local Dance Classes ( Included)   

Access to Studio Events and Parties ( Included)

Access to Boudoir Events ( Included)

Access to Lovegodesss Lounge (appointments required) 


Lovegodesss Central is a free portal inside of our Lovegodesss app, where women can access Lovegodesss Content in one place.  

Lovegodesss App is our app where we help busy moms, who lack sexual and creative expression, feel feminine and beautiful to get their sexy spark back and get into the feminine energy of a Lovegodesss alongside the community of like-minded women.

Our lovegodesss app curates Feminine Science tutorials with an online feminine sensual dance movement designed for beginners to awaken sexual energy, find creative sexual expression, increase passion in relationships and grow feminine/masculine polarity inside their relationships.

Most women find themselves stuck in a rut, feeling like roommates in marriages, feeling (their words) “ugly” and non-sexy, living life from a very masculine place of schedules, to-do lists, piles of 
laundry and bill-paying responsibilities. Most women feel that they lost their sass and radiance after having kids. Most women say that they lost the sexy, they used to have before marriage. A lot of women say that they don’t have a lot of opportunities to go on date nights, dress up and feel beautiful. Most women overall are too busy with life that they forget to create opportunities for fun and adventure. 

When women first come to us, they usually say that they don’t feel sexy because they’re too busy, or they don’t know how to do it, or they don’t believe that they can, or they are just not confident enough to do it, or they feel that they don’t have perfect bodies, nor they know where to start. They also say they’re afraid to be judged for expressing their sexual side, be misunderstood or mislabeled, they feel they need a safe space to do it.

A lot of times we hear from women words like “fat and ugly”, that she “lost herself”, “lost her sass”, she’s “not young anymore”, she’s “awkward”, she’s “not confident enough”, she “can’t move like that”, she is “not flexible” that she is “ just a mom”, as if becoming a mom puts her in a new category, where she is prohibited to be a sexy woman moving forward. However, despite all the struggles women go through, they still want to have sexy marriages and spicy relationships, they want to be desired and admired, they want to feel beautiful, they want to look good and feel like a goddess.  That is why we have created an app to guide women on how to tap into their sacred feminine power through their sexuality in a private, classy, safe space, so women could get their sexy back.
Once women are able to fully align with their eroticism through all the tools that we offer, they are able to create sparks, create desire, create sexual tension, make sex fun again, get their desire back, get romance back in marriage, and live life from a completely new fresh spirit of adventure and passion.