That goddess within is sleeping (idling). She has the power to bring the magic of life into the reality of everyday life. Most women are either not aware of her, or are afraid to awaken and embody her. This is because of strict societal programming, that we have been conditioned to since early childhood. The programming teaches us, that it is not safe to embody your erotic and sexual self, that it is frowned upon, that you have to be a good and obedient girl, be a good mother and wife to your husband.

A lot of marriages go stale and lose the spark of life, because women try to fit into a domesticated, boring good wife role to be of service to men and patriarchal values.
This is when a woman loses herself. She sacrifices her own identity for an identity of a “good wife” she believes she supposed to project in order to be loved.

THE MOMENT A WOMAN gives herself up , IS THE MOMENT WOMAN becomes unhappy, unfulfilled, undesirable and LOSES HER DIRECTION.

The entire patriarchal value system teaches us that woman’s role is to be carrying children and be a good wife.
But the truth is: the goddess within cannot be domesticated. She has a wild nature and she needs to be free. She is incredibly powerful. The patriarchal society, that is ruled by men, is afraid of these wild goddesses being awakened because they will overthrow their power. And as a part of new wave of divine feminine rising movement, we teach in a language that most women can understand, relate to and implement.

Lovegodesss operates in two worlds. One world is her current situation including the material world, our physical reality. The other world is a fantasy world, where she experiences pleasure and comes to her own throne by tapping into her feminine sexual power. This is also a non physical imaginative world a Lovegodesss operates from to create energetic reality and fill in the grid into further manifestation.

What we teach is that modern woman can have it all – her family, her freedom, her business and sexy relationship with her husband. She is the one creating her own rules and intentionally designing her own fabulous life filled with fun, pleasure, travel, adventures and feminine lifestyle in elegant, classic and high value manner.

WOMEN CAN BE ALL OF IT : feminine CEO’S of their companies, BEAUTIFUL MOTHERS to their children , SEXY WIVES to their lovers and also have PRIVATE LIVES where they OWN THEIR THRONE of being LOVEGODESSSESS.

Lovegodesss is both who and what.

Lovegodesss uses her power of her desires (whether sexual or not) to create the life of her dreams filled with sparks everywhere she goes.

What is a Lovegodesss?

Lovegodesss as a what is your FEMININE  erotic  AND sexual ENERGY, which is your life force energy, kundalini energy, shakti energy, that has the very special power of being connected to the life source, passion, and life giving power of your creativity.


CREATIVITY  and   SELF EXPRESSION  is the  energy that creates  OUT OF THIN AIR, which is what we teach women in the Lovegodesss Academy, where we learn to manifest using the power of our thoughts and imagination. 

Goddess is a female version of God. Both male and female versions of God are the same and cannot be separated or understood in a human sense. The main ability of Gods and Goddesses is to create out of thin air using the power, purity, strength of their thoughts through imagination. This is what makes them divine. When both of them combine, unite, become one, work in unison, and co-create – the result happens in the physical world (manifestation).

Who is a Lovegodesss?

Lovegodesss as a who is a high value Woman who stepped into  HER FEMININE  EROTIC  IDENTITY and  POWER  with ownership, respect, and understanding of her creative, healing, arousing, inspiring and life-giving sexual power.  She knows how to use this power and understands the consequences of misusing this power. By stepping into her power, the woman turns her feminine, radiant light on and becomes a goddess (a female version of God).

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