Lovegodesss Studio is a  Private Club for Goddesses, the place where we teach and  facilitate sensual feminine  movement in a safe and private environment for women to tap into their feminine bodies, feel the full power of being  irresistible women and move emotions through their bodies.
We facilitate Chair, Floor work, Burlesque, Strip tease, lap dance and Ecstatic and  Freeflow  movement practice  to embody deeply feminine power of their own eroticism and keeping the feminine  sexual energy alive by  connecting to inner Lovegodesss via dance daily. We also facilitate Bachata, Salsa, Latin Mix, Hip Hop, Lovegodesss Sensual Workout.  

By following daily lovegodesss movement practice women are able to move light and dark  emotions out of the body, process traumas, facilitate healing, tap into deep feminine sexuality through the power of dance. The perks of lovegodesss movement practice is a seductive nature of the feminine energy that  gets awakened in a woman and turns her on and allows a woman  to reconnect to her partner on a sexual level by using the power of the dance inside of  her intimate relationship.
The dance practice is primarily intended for private feminine gaze, however can be adapted to be used  in private intimate setting with a  partner. This movement practice is not performance based  or  professional strip  training. The practice is intended to be deeply healing for women, who chose to embark on a journey of feminine discovery through sensual and spiritual practice. Lovegodesss movement is intended for slow,  beginner friendly, deeply soulful connection with yourself through your feelings and emotions.    

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